The Impact

Access to quality education

GITS has enabled children in and around the region of Tripura to enjoy their learning process. An adequate student-teacher ratio facilitates teachers to provide individual attention to every student. GITS includes children from all walks of life, particularly children with disabilities. It is a platform where all children from the region are welcome irrespective of their background and challenges.

Holistic development

The focus of GITS is not just academics, but also inculcating universal values in children such as truthfulness, compassion, purity of thought, universal brotherhood, respect for nature, and hard work. It also provides a platform to hone inherent abilities and acquire new talents.

Consumption of nutritious food

The mid-day meal programme has been a crucial intervention in achieving the nutrition and education outcomes of the project. The school lunch initiative from The Akshaya Patra Foundation has increased the enrolment, attendance, and retention of students. The nutritious meals prepared and served according to the local food preferences have effectively addressed classroom hunger and improved their concentration levels and learning capacities. We have observed that for many children, this is the first and only unlimited meal of the day. We have been able to exceed the prescribed nutrition norms consistently.

Personality Development

Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. GITS provides an enriching learning experience to enhance the personality of the children. There is a healthy competition between students, which helps in the positive growth of children in terms of physical, emotional and psychological aspects.

Exposure and learning opportunities

GITS has a focused teaching-learning approach, encourages activity-based learning, conducts team building activities and programmes to exhibit the talents of students. These children become well-equipped to participate in external competitions with their exposure in school. In addition, children are also taken for educational tours that allow them to explore and also understand the essence of national integration.

Alignment with 5 UN SDGs

The achievement of the initiative is in alignment with Sustainable Development Goals. The initiative would make progress on

Employment opportunities for local youth and women

GITS also contributes to the socio-economic development of the Reang community by providing employment opportunities to local youth and women in the school and in the Akshaya Patra kitchen.

Let’s together multiply the impact.